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Update your Kitchen at a fraction of the cost (and time) of a full remodel or custom project!

The kitchen is one of the most loved and used areas of the home – the place where we spend time cooking meals, host family and friends, gather and talk, eat/snack, and even have that occasional dance part – and it can get even better with the power of paint!

We love helping you to refinish your cabinets by implementing our 3 coat Cabinet Coating Process. This includes;

  1. Protecting your kitchen by masking off counter-tops, walls, floor, door ways, and appliances.
  2. Remove Doors, Drawers, and Shelves (Re-install after painting).
  3. Clean/Degrease all cabinet surfaces with a degreaser.
  4. Sand all cabinet surfaces.
  5. Vacuum and wipe down surfaces with tack cloth.
  6. Apply one-two coats of oil-based primer.
  7. Sand all cabinet surfaces again.
  8. Apply two coats of high performance enamel.

Painting your Kitchen Cabinets will not only give you a brand-new look, but will raise the value of your home – take a look at some of our favorite before and after projects – and let us help you have the kitchen that was meant to be!

Why Choose Us

Life gets busy! Through a brief summary of your project and a few requested pictures, we offer clients Free Estimates for ease, convenience, and flexibility.

We offer a 3 year Paint Warranty that includes one hour of free touch ups each year for 3 years.

Ensuring a quality paint job also means ensuring you love the color! We offer a free in-home color consultation with a professional color consultant to make choosing the right color stress-free and convenient.

We are family-owned and operated! We work as a united front – striving to ensure our team members feel like family and that our clients feel taken cared for during the entire process. 

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  1. Our goal is to try to begin your cabinet project on a Monday, with a 2-3 day onsite production, and return on Friday to assemble the doors and finalize the project. You should be able to use your kitchen by day 3, before we return to assemble the doors and hardware. 

*If we are not able to start your project on a Monday, you can plan for about 5 business days from start to finish.

  1. We ask that you not enter the kitchen area for about 2 days while we have  everything sealed off, prepped, and are painting your cabinet boxes. *However, upon request, we are happy to cut a functioning slit in the masking for the fridge so that you can access your refrigerator as needed. After this is complete, we will remove all the prep (when you can then have access to your kitchen) while we finish your doors and drawers off site, before returning them a few days later. 

We suggest moving your coffee maker, toaster, etc. to an adjacent room/area for that timeframe so you can easily access as needed.

  1. Empty all drawers and clear off all countertop space to ensure thorough masking.

For items in Cabinet Boxes:

Food and Items can stay; however – we ask that there is a 2-3 inch of empty space from the outside edge of the cabinet to the stored items, in order for our team to properly seal and mask off the cabinets. 

Do not disassemble or remove any doors, drawers, and/or hardware before we arrive. We have a process for labeling and organizing all items.

  1. Great Question!…Hardware must remain original, or replaced with the exact type/fit as the original hardware. Drilling new holes or replacing with a different style hardware is not part of the scope of work. Please let us know if you do plan to replace your hardware with new hardware that fits the existing holes, so we can verify and plan ahead. 

*If you plan to install different hardware that will require new holes, let us know so that we can fill these in for you prior to painting.

There is no need to worry or plan for an abundance of odor or dust! We not only seal off the whole kitchen area, but we use a dustless sanding machine to minimize dust. We also incorporate an air scrubber that will briefly run through a window or door while we spray, to help minimize odor and run air.

Paint will be dried but not fully cured upon completion! We advise clients to be extra cautious when using them right away, as it can take 2-3 weeks to completely harden. During this time, be careful not to scrub them, lean heavy objects against them, or nick them. By allowing your cabinets to fully cure, it will promote a harder shell and longer adhesion.

  1. (We recommend waiting until cabinets are completely cured before washing/cleaning). The best way to clean your cabinets is with warm, soapy water or a mild cleaner. A soft cloth or microfiber towel is recommended. Be sure to follow up the washing by using a separate, dry towel/cloth to wipe your cabinets dry. 

Be careful not to slab a soaked rag on the cabinets where excessive water and puddling could occur. This could damage the coating and cause wrinkling or discoloration. Also, do not use harsh solvents or cleaners as this can melt the coating.


Ready To transform your kitchen?


Our Mission


As we continue to grow, our mission at Headwaters Painting is to establish an atmosphere that values our employees as family, ensuring that everyone is working together towards a common goal for our clients. It is important that our employees realize opportunities for growth, leadership, and maintain a sense of pride in being part of our team.