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Discover the best method to test paint samples

You have narrowed down your color choices from your current paint samples and are ready to compare them to find the perfect color for your space. You go to the paint store and ask them to fill a few sample quarts for you to bring home.

This is where we will stop you –

Don’t put your paint samples on the walls!

Why? You can run into texture problems and will have to go back and sand it out before painting (if you do put a sample directly on the wall, you will want to make sure you feather it out with a brush or use a mini roller to apply).

Pro tip time: Create oversized paint samples

A great pro tip is to create your own oversized paint sample by painting two coats on a piece of poster board (you can usually find them at the dollar store) and then use double-sided or painter’s tape on the back of the poster board to hang on the wall.

Reasons to paint your own samples


By creating an oversized sample, you can move it around your room, testing it in various lighting conditions and against different surfaces. This flexibility provides a better understanding of how the color will look in different areas, helping you make an informed decision.

Preservation of Walls

Unlike directly applying paint samples on your walls, using a poster board eliminates the need for touch-ups or repairs. You won’t have to worry about feathering out the edges or using mini rollers. Your walls will remain untouched until you’re ready for the final painting process.

Comparison Made Easy

With an oversized paint sample, you can easily compare multiple colors side by side. Hang the boards next to each other or overlap them to visualize the differences and make a confident choice.

Remember, taking the time to test paint samples properly will ultimately lead to a beautiful and satisfying result with your project.

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