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Ceiling Makeover 101: Ditching the Popcorn for a Modern Look

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Before and After Minneapolis Minnesota
Headwaters Painting Before and After Popcorn Removal In Minneapolis, Minnesota

What is popcorn ceiling?

A popcorn ceiling aka acoustic or stipple ceiling is a spray-on or paint-on treatment that can usually be found in bedrooms and hallways and is meant to hide imperfections or add an acoustical characteristic to the room.

Why was popcorn texture popular?

Many older homes across the Minneapolis metro have popcorn ceiling texture in them. Why was popcorn texture such a common theme in houses built before the 80s? Simply put, It was a cost-effective solution for sealing and hiding imperfections in the ceiling. The texture also served as an acoustic barrier to reduce noise traveling in multi-unit homes. As building materials and styles evolved, flat and knockdown textures replaced popcorn texture as the industry standards. When removing popcorn texture, applying a knockdown finish will offer a modernized look while hiding any shifts or settlements on the ceilings. A smooth texture can be achieved by applying multiple layers of skim coating to the ceiling after removing all of the popcorn texture.

The cons of popcorn texture

The cons of having popcorn ceilings are both aesthetic and practical. The texture dates the space it resides in due to deeper shadows making rooms look smaller. Knockdown and flat ceilings feel more modern, clean, and inviting. Due to their depth of texture, popcorn ceilings tend to hold dust and are difficult to clean without damaging or crumbling the surface. Painting popcorn texture requires a paint sprayer to avoid peeling. The more coats of paint applied to a popcorn ceiling the more difficult the process of removal becomes.

Popcorn ceiling removal made easy with Headwaters Painting

Take the stress out of popcorn ceiling removal and ceiling painting projects with Headwaters Painting. From prep to prime and paint Headwaters Painting is here to help.


At the start of the project, a Headwaters Painting professional will prepare, tape, and lay plastic around the room protecting every item in the home. Once the room has been prepared we will wet scrape ceilings until all texture has been removed. If there are numerous coats of paint on the ceiling a dry scrape will happen.

Once the ceiling has been prepared multiple skim coats will be added until the ceiling is smooth. Finally, Headwaters will sand the ceiling and apply a final layer of knockdown texture.

Ceiling Painting Prep
Ceiling Painting Prep

Prime and Paint

Once the ceiling has been prepped for priming and paint, Headwaters will apply a primer followed by two top coats of SW ProMar Ceiling Paint.


Headwaters Painting Crew Working On Ceilings In Minneapolis, Minnesota

How much time and cost is associated with Popcorn Removal?

The market rate to remove popcorn texture and paint in Minnesota is between $5 and $9 per square foot depending on the depth, texture, and removal process. Ceilings with a flat sheen typically fall closer to the $5 range. Ceilings with multiple coats of paint or a satin sheen cost around $7-$9 per square foot. In Minneapolis,  the average cost of removing popcorn ceiling is $923 -$3,001. Every ceiling process is different, but these numbers will provide a ballpark range for what to expect from a professional painting company. Let’s compare the cost and time below.

Popcorn Ceiling Cost In Minneapolis Minnesota

What’s the next step?

If you are interested in receiving a free, no-obligation estimate from Headwaters Painting click the link below! Our team will visit your space, evaluate the scope of work, and provide you with a written estimate within 24 hours. This is the most accurate way to give you the true cost of removing popcorn ceilings in your space. Headwaters Painting completes popcorn ceiling removal projects all the time!

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