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What color should I paint my house exterior?

It’s the dreaded question: “What color should I paint my house?” As we all know painting your house can be an exhilarating experience, and choosing the right hues can enhance curb appeal and reflect your unique personality. With every Headwaters Painting project comes a complimentary 90-minute color consult. But for those of us who like to do some homework prior to that appointment, we have you covered with some considerations to remember. Let’s dive into the colorful world of exterior house painting!


Consideration #1: Personality and Style

Your home is an extension of your identity, so let’s consider your personal style. Do you prefer a vibrant and energetic facade, or are you drawn to a more serene and classic look? Think about the overall impression you want to create and how the color scheme will harmonize with your surroundings. It’s all about finding the perfect balance between self-expression and neighborhood compatibility.

Consideration #2: Architectural Features

Take a good look at your house’s architectural details. Is there any woodwork, trim, or distinctive features that you want to highlight or downplay? Different colors can emphasize or camouflage these elements, so choose wisely. A splash of contrasting color on your front door or window frames can add charm and character.

Consideration #3: Climate + House Location

In Minnesota, we get all the seasons. In cooler climates, deeper and warmer tones can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Also, keep in mind that certain colors may fade or weather differently, so opt for durable, fade-resistant paints to maintain long-lasting vibrancy.

Consideration #4: Neighborhood Harmony

While we encourage embracing your individuality, it’s also essential to ensure your color choices blend harmoniously with the neighborhood aesthetic. Take a stroll through your community and observe the predominant color schemes. You can draw inspiration from your surroundings while adding your unique touch. Remember, your house should stand out for its charm, not as an eyesore!

Now, let’s explore a few suggestions from the Sherwin-Williams line of paints, known for their quality and vast selection:

a) Watery Blue (SW 6478): This refreshing shade evokes a coastal vibe and complements homes near the beach or those desiring a breezy, laid-back feel.

b) Naval (SW 6244):Ideal for those seeking a cool and purple undertone vibe, this rich color pairs beautifully with natural surroundings and adds a touch of sophistication.

c) Rock Garden (SW 6195): Looking for a vibrant and lively exterior? This energizing green hue brings nature’s zest to your doorstep, perfect for nature enthusiasts.

d) Favorite Tan (SW 6157): For a classic and versatile option, this elegant taupe shade transcends trends and gracefully adapts to any architectural style.

As you embark on this colorful journey, remember that painting your house exterior is a chance to reflect your personality and create an inviting home that stands out while respecting the neighborhood’s character. The team at Headwaters Painting is here to help you transform your house into a place you are proud of.

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